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Classic Variety Pack

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Cookie monsters, unite. Snack more and indulge better with our Variety Pack! Whether you’re party prepping, taste testing, or planning a solo movie night, our Variety Pack is the go-to. Besides, no consequences means no limits, right?

Classic Variety Pack contains 36 cookies total, 1 Box of Each Flavor.


Prebiotic fiber
Natural Sugar from Apples
Plant Protein
Healthy Fats


Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Grain & Wheat Free
Keto + Paleo Friendly
Diabetic Friendly
Soy Free

Ingredients That Nourish

Photo of apples (whole and sliced) in white background
Perfectly sweetened with low-glycemic apples directly from nature.
Photo of Agave Fiber in white background
Agave Fiber
A prebiotic fiber found in the root of agave plants.
Photo of Almond Flour in white background
Almond Flour
We use almonds to give you plant-based protein and deliciousness in every bite.

Meet the whole gang

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Classic Variety Pack
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