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Dark Chocolate Chip Soft Cookie

Dark Chocolate Chip

Mmmly uses nut flours, root vegetables, and prebiotics to redefine your favorite snack. Our soft cookies get their sweetness from apples—keeping your stomach as happy as your tastebuds.

Banana Chocolate Chip Soft Cookie

Banana Chocolate Chip

Banana bread can’t compete. We transformed your favorite baked goods into low-carb, gluten-free and grain free cookies. Sweetened with sugar exclusively from apples and packed with nutrients from nuts and...

Simply Almond Soft Cookies

Simply Almond Soft

Packed with fantastic natural ingredients like organic blueberries, apples, plant fiber, and nuts, the Mmmly Blueberry Shortbread soft cookie is a gut-friendly treat sweetened by sugar from apples.

Classic Variety Pack

Classic Variety Pack

Enjoy Mmmly low-carb soft cookies in our four classic flavors. Our cookies are made of nut flours, root vegetables, plant fiber and are under 100 calories per cookie. Yep, these treats are that clean.

Peanut Butter Soft Cookie

Peanut Butter

Blink and let yourself time travel back to your childhood pantry. Crunchy or creamy? Slathered on bread or enjoyed from the spoon? This nostalgic flavor combines the two best jars (🍪 + 🥜) to grace your mom’s countertop bringing you the ultimate peanut butter cookie. Don’t eat them all in one sitting (or do, we don’t judge).

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