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What is a Tiger Nut!? And How is it Good for Me?

What is a Tiger Nut!? And How is it Good for Me?

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You might be surprised to hear that Tiger Nuts, in fact, aren’t actually nuts… Tiger nuts are tubers, like potatoes and yams, just a lot smaller. They are called tiger nuts because of the stripes on the outside of the tuber.

In recent years, as the movement for a healthy diet gains traction, Tiger Nuts have become a popular super food in our culture. Also known as chufa nuts and earth almonds, these tubers have numerous health benefits to take advantage of.

Where do they come from?

Humans have been eating Tiger Nuts for hundreds of years. In fact, the earliest written records of Tiger Nuts dates back to ancient Egypt, where they used these tubers both for nutritional and  infection-fighting medicinal purposes. It’s even speculated that Tiger Nuts were a part of our earliest ancestors' diets almost 2 million years ago.1

Today, Tiger Nut cultivation has spread throughout the world, but a large concentration is located in the Eastern Hemisphere, throughout parts of southern Europe and into Africa.

5 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

1. Improved Heart Health

Tiger Nuts have shown to improve heart health due to their healthy fat content. They contain 64% oleic acid; which contains high amounts of omega-9 fatty acids. 

These Omega-9 fatty acids are shown to raise levels of “good” HDL cholesterol and lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol. 

Although not enough studies have been done, Tiger Nuts may also lower your risk of heart disease and having a heart attack by improving your blood circulation.

2. Lower Blood Sugar

It’s no secret fiber helps maintain and lower your blood sugar. Well, Tiger Nuts are packed with fiber. One ounce (28 grams) of Tiger Nuts contains 5 grams of fiber!

Fiber helps combat high blood sugar by slowing down the absorption of sugars in your stomach. This will also reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3. Full of Prebiotic Fiber

In addition to being packed with fiber, Tiger Nuts contain a special type of dietary fiber called prebiotics. Prebiotic fiber feeds the “good” bacteria in your stomach.

Prebiotic fiber is known to improve digestive system health in the long run with its enzymes that assist in the breakdown of food. 

4. Antibacterial Properties

Although more research is needed, with specific antibacterial properties, Tiger Nuts may have the potential to boost your immune system and prevent bacterial infections before they make you sick.

And according to one study, Tiger Nuts are even effective in fighting against certain bacterias like E. coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella.

5. Great source of Nutrients and Minerals

Tiger Nuts are packed with essential nutrients and minerals that your body needs to be getting on a daily basis. Tiger Nuts are full of iron, calcium, and magnesium which help with bone development and strength.

They also contain vitamins C, E, and B6. These vitamins are known to boost heart and immune health, and also reduce your risk of heart disease.

How Can I Incorporate Tiger Nuts into my Diet?

tiger nut horchata on a marble table

Although Tiger Nuts can be prepared in a variety of ways, the most common preparations include turning the Tiger Nut either into flour or milk. From there, you can create a variety of different dishes while still unlocking the health benefits of the Tiger Nut.

Tiger Nut milk has become an extremely popular dairy free alternative to regular cow’s milk. The drink has become a staple in Spain, where they are known for their Tiger Nut Horchata.

Tiger Nut flour on the other hand is a gluten free alternative to regular flour, making it an ideal replacement for cookies, breads, and pastries. Try our delicious soft cookies made from Tiger Nut flour available in four amazing flavors!


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